We work to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. To achieve this, we strive for excellence in management. Following a process with the highest standards of exigency that allows us to obtain the information and analysis that make it possible to know the best price for the properties, which is the key to success in the property market:

We offer a consultancy service for the preparation of market studies either for the promotion, development and management of all types of land: residential, tertiary, institutional and industrial.

  Project feasibility analysis.
  Study of the urban development situation of the land.
 Legal advice on the purchase process.
 Advice to the promoter in the product definition phase.
 Advice to both the owner and the developer/investor in the process of negotiating contracts and deeds of sale.

We advise our clients in all phases of the operation. Whether for traditional development and promotion, co-living projects, and/or student residences, among others.

 Market research: offer, demand.
 Product prospecting among target investors.
 Advice on setting the business target.
 Advice in the process of studying and negotiating contracts and deeds of sale and purchase.
 Legal advice on the purchase process.
  Advising the promoter in the product definition phase.

We advise our clients on how to establish themselves in the best area, analysing the surroundings, direct area of influence, competition, etc., and defining the necessary commercial strategy together with them. Locating from High Street products to more profitable premises.

  We study the best locations according to the specific needs of each of our clients. Taking into account their investment capacity and looking for the profitability they require.
  We negotiate the necessary contracts to acquire or rent the different real estate products.
 We offer a service to commercial operators to develop expansion plans.



Portfolios analysis and Due Diligence

Portfolio analysis and Due Diligence, for analysis and segmentation of portfolios from a strategic, financial and real estate point of view.

Real estate adjudicated

Strategic consultancy and management of real estate foreclosures. Analysis and situation of the same. Registration, legal, cadastral situation…

Heritage management

Analysis and segmentation of assets in companies and institutions. Analysis and optimisation of expenses associated with the…

Consultancy and business creation

Strategic consultancy and creation of a real estate business plan. DAFO analysis of the investment. Definition of objectives and strategic lines of…

Real estate asset recovery

Recovery of real estate assets. Cataloguing, structuring and valuation of real estate portfolios, mainly owned by private individuals and…

Project viability analysis

Market study of any kind of asset. Elaboration of the most appropriate strategy and commercial plan for each situation…
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