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Real Estate

We generate added value with a comprehensive consultancy, advisory and real estate management service, based on detailed and protocolised market reports and a deep and solid work based on the knowledge, experience and excellence in the management of our team. We also provide a series of additional and complementary services, such as preliminary studies for each of the investments proposed.

The sectors in which Amadeus provides its assistance are those in which our clients have been asking us for help over the last few years. Residential, industrial-logistics, offices, commercial premises, shopping centres, hotels, land, investment and asset management, etc.


We work to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. To achieve this, we strive for excellence in management. We follow a process with the highest standards that allows us to obtain the information and analysis that make it possible to know the best price for the property, which is the key to success in the property market..
Confidentiality 100%
Transparency 100%
Trust 100%
Satisfation 100%
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